The stolen vehicle

The stolen car

Criminals are roaming the country while you sleep and stealing vehicles.

At around 3 a.m. on Thursday the vehicle of research officer Sarah Sooknanan was stolen from her property.

The white Nissan Wingroad bearing the registration plates PCX 7812 was stolen from East Grove Curepe.

"A knocking sound woke me up I thought it was a bird knocking the glass, I looked through the window saw no one and went back to bed only to hear the engine start, a few seconds later when I looked out I saw the person driving off with my car. The knocking sound was them trying to start it," said Sooknanan.

She said she immediately contacted the police.

"I felt helpless, scared, angry and sad all at one," she said as she issued an appeal to circulate the photos of her vehicle in the hope that it will assist the police in finding her vehicle.