RAGING FIRE: The Singh family home ablaze yesterday at Felicity.

RAGING FIRE: The Singh family home ablaze yesterday at Felicity.

SIX people are homeless after a fire gutted their home yesterday.

The family, which comprises two young children and a grandparent, was unharmed after the blaze.

Thick, billowing smoke and flames could be seen emanating on top of the two-storey structure along Cancandee Main Road, Felicity, around 10 a.m.

Occupants of the home—Kamla Singh, her husband Yogesh, and their two children along with Singh’s sister-in-law, Sharda, and mother-in-law Leela—all seemed in disbelief amidst the carnage but were grateful no one was hurt.

Singh told the Express that she and her two children, ages 12 and 11, and her 68-year-old mother-in-law were at home during the fire.

She said she heard a noise upstairs and went to check what caused the sound, and by the time she came back down, the living room was already on fire.

“All I could do is to get everybody out and go by the neighbours for help,” Singh said.

Fire officers from Chaguanas Fire Station responded to calls made by neighbours, who saw the house engulfed in flames.

Though officers extinguished the blaze, everything was burnt to the ground.

Singh, a pre-school teacher, said her children were doing online classes when the fire started.

“Everything is gone. All the furniture, appliances, the children’s school supplies...we just didn’t have time to save anything. My mother-in-law seems traumatised. My children are also shaken up. Thankfully, no one was hurt and we all got out safely,” she said.

Singh said she has no idea what caused the fire but said they are reeling from the loss, and are trying to find some way to pick up the pieces.

According to Singh, Member of Parliament for the area, Dinesh Rambally, provided accommodation for her family to sleep last night.

Anyone wishing to help the Singh family can call 682-0657 or 499-9570.


THE MINISTRY of Health has reported one additional Covid-19 death, bringing the local toll to 98.