The suspect explains

A police officer and a security guard have been arrested for the rape, abduction and attempted murder of a Venezuelan woman in Debe.

The special reserve officer, who is attached to the Emergency Response Patrol/ E999 unit, is on extended sick leave, police said.

He is 26 years old and lives at Dibe Road, Long Circular, St James.

He and another man, a 20 year old security guard of Waterhole Road, Diego Martin, were detained after they were spotted in the same vehicle identified in the attack on the Venezuelan victim.

Around 11.20 a.m. officers of the Western Division Task Force intercepted the vehicle on the westbound lane of the Audrey Jeffers highway.

Officers of the Port of Spain DUI Task Force also responded, and the suspects were taken into custody at the Four Roads Police Station.

They were later transferred to a police station in the South Western police division where officers are continuing enquiries.

The suspects face being charged with the offences of attempted murder, rape, robbery, and kidnapping.

Anl third man is being sought after for the crimes.

The arrests came less than 24 hours after the horrific crime.

The victim, an 18 year old woman, an empanada vendor, got into a vehicle at Fyzabad, where she lives with her family, to be taken to San Fernando to sell her pies.

She believed the car, in which there were two male passengers and a driver, to be a 'ph' taxi.

The men blindfolded her and took her to a lonely area at M2 Ring Road, Debe, where they violatated and robbed her.

Investigators suspect that the woman pretended to be dead, and the criminals dumped her in a gravel track off the main road.

She crawled out onto the main road where a passing taxi driver and his passengers spotted her.

Her clothing was drenched in blood and she was barely responsive.

Police officersr from the ERP South led by PC Natto, and officers from the San Fernando Police station led by PC Sujeet Ramcharan responded and took the victim to the San Fernando General Hospital where she is warded under police guard.

The vehicle was taken to special evidence recovery unit, camp cumuto for DNA analysis.