A Pleasantville shopkeeper was shot dead by a man pretending to be a customer on Thursday.

Jahla Donaldson, 36, was at his parlour located at Corner Elm and Mahogany Streets when a man walked in and asked for a cigarette lighter at around midday.

The shooting was captured on closed circuit cameras installed at his business place.

The footage showed Donaldson inside the parlour and a man wearing a blue jersey, cap and his mask pulled down on his chin standing outside.

Donaldson placed the cigarette lighter on the counter and the "customer" handed him cash. Donaldson then turned his back to get the man's change. That was when the "customer" looked around him, pulled out a gun, and fired several shots at Donaldson. He was hit in the head and upper body.

The gunman then picked up the cigarette lighter and ran.

Police said Donaldson died at the scene.

The motive for the killed is not yet known.

The Express visited the family's home but relatives were not willing to speak about the incident.

In January, 2018, Donaldson's brother, Jahmie, was among two men shot and killed while cutting grass near the family's home. He was 26.

And in April, 2020, his older brother Kadeem Jordan, was driving along Pleasantville Circular when a vehicle crashed into his car causing him to stop. Three gunmen got out of the vehicle and opened fire on Jordon. He ran out of the car, ran a short distance and collapsed. He was pronounced dead at hospital.


Twenty-six additional Covid-19 deaths reported yesterday took the death toll for the first five days of December past 100.

The 26 deaths increased fatalities this month to 104. The death toll since the start of the pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago is now 2,262.

ROMAN Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon says it is the indiscipline of citizens that has brought on this current wave of Covid-19 infections and the rising death toll.

Gordon made the statement as he called on the nation to grow up.

Yesterday, Trinidad and Tobago recorded 26 deaths and 601 new cases of Covid-19.

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