A 23 year old Rio Claro man was shot during a robbery at his home early Monday.

Roger Khan, was shot to the head, while his wife and infant daughter were spared.

Around 2.30 a.m. Khan was asleep in the bedroom of his house at Land Settlement, Ecclesville, was asleep when a man entered the house.

Police were told that Khan’s 19 year old wife was attending to their one year old daughter when a man entered the house.

She told police that the intruder ran into the bedroom and moments later she heard an explosion.

The intruder ran out of the house.

She said Khan stumbled out of the bedroom, bleeding from a wound to the head.

He collapsed on the floor of the living room where he died.

Officers of the Rio Claro Police Station and other police units responded.

The wife told police that $20,000 that was kept in the bedroom was missing.

Cpl Ramsahai is continuing investigations.


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