SWMCOL to begin recycling

BURDENED: The Beetham landfill on the outskirts of Port of Spain.

The body of a baby was found in the Beetham landfill on Monday afternoon.

The child appears to be about three months old.

Before police arrived, a video recorded by someone at the dump had made its way onto social media platforms.

People recoiled at what the video showed, then many shared it on WhatsApp groups and among friends.

The body is that of an infant. There appears to be a large wound to the head. The child may have been dead for a few days.

The discovery was made by a landfill employee at around 1p.m.

Police suspect the body was brought to the landfill in a garbage truck.

The body has been taken to the Forensic Science Centre when an examination will be done to determine sex and cause of death.


Even with 50 new cases in the country as of last night, several thousand supporters were in a frenzy around the country yesterday as they defied physical distancing to support their political party of choice.

More men and and young people are testing positive for Covid-19.

This is according to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram who yesterday noted a shift in the sex, age and demographic of patients in the “second phase” of the virus compared to when the virus initially entered T&T.