Asha Forde

Killed: Asha Forde

A doctor was among three people killed overnight in separate crashes.

Dr Dareem Charles 27, Cocrico Crescent, Malabar, Arima, was killed in a crash at Piarco on Sunday night.

Charles worked at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Around 10 p.m. he lost control while driving his vehicle at St Helena By-Pass Road and crashed into a concrete culvert near the old airport.

And a woman riding pillion on a motorcycle was killed almost instantly during a three-vehicular smash up in Maloney.

Police identified her as Asha Forde, of Pinto Road, Arima.

Forde was on a motorcycle driven by a 30 year old man of Picton, Sangre Grande.

The crash occurred at Eastern Main Road, Redhill, D’Abadie.

Both Forde and the 30 year old man were thrown from the cycle and landed on the roadway.

And a member of a drag-racing association Nigel Lake was killed after his car crashed in Brickfield on Sunday.

Lake, 45, was a member of the Network of Automobile Racers Association.

NARA issued a statement on social media upon his passing.

“It is with a heavy heart tonight that I write on behalf of the NARA President Mr. Ramdath, his family and the NARA executive team as we extend our sincerest condolences on the passing our team member Nigel Lake. Nigel served as head of HSE coordinating for our drag racing events. Nigel you were more than a friend and team member, you were family. Our memories are endless. We will forever be grateful for your loyalty, hard work and dedication to our team. May your soul find eternal rest. We will miss you dearly my friend”, NARA stated.

A police report said that around 3.30 p.m. Lake was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer along Waterloo Road when he lost control and the vehicle collided with a wall of the New Testament Church of God.

Lake died at the scene, while a front seat passenger, Ariel Harripersad, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Autopsies on the three victims were expected to be done at the mortuary of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

A statement issued by the TTPS said that these fatal crashes took the road fatality toll to 111.

The statement read: “As the country fast approached Christmas, the TTPS is again urging motorists to exercise care and caution when driving on the nation’s roadways as three persons lost their lives in clearly preventable circumstances. Drivers need to remember that road traffic laws must be adhered to to ensure a safe journey by all. The TTPS is reminding motorists that there will be heightened policing presence and it will continue to enforce all traffic laws to help save lives and keep families together”.


A pandemic poll.

A total of 1,134,136 electors are eligible to vote in today’s general election at 2,210 polling stations in 41 constituencies.

How they exercise their franchise will decide who will receive the mandate to govern Trinidad and Tobago for the next five years.