San Juan office

The scene of the criminal attack. Photo: Gyasi Gonzales

A man pretending to be a patient stabbed a doctor at his office in San Juan today.

At around 11a.m. Dr Kris Sookdeo was at his office on the Eastern Main Road, when a man walked in asking about an issue.

While being attended to in the waiting room, he was seen interfering with the handbags belonging to two female employees.

When the doctor and the employees confronted the man, he turned violent, and stabbed the doctor in the rib cage on the left side of the chest.

The man broke the glass to the entry door and fled.

Officers of the San Juan Police Station are looking for the suspect.


Iwer! Iwer! Iwer!

That repetitive chant, 1,000-plus voices strong, heralded the return of Neil “Iwer” George to soca supremacy long before any results were read on Saturday morning at the International Soca Monarch (ISM) final.