Faris and Fazeer

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi and Fazeer Mohammed

ATTORNEY GENERAL Faris Al-Rawi this morning said that crime has been is a daily occurrence in this country for the past decades.

The Attorney General made the point during an exchange with the host of TV6’s Morning Edition, Fazeer Mohammed.

The discussion became heated and led to Al-Rawi telling Mohammed to calm down.

The two men were speaking about the language within the Sedition Act and this led to Mohamed saying “Look at what happened yesterday. We have chaos in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The Attorney General said that the Sedition Act could be used to draw the dividing line between chaos and order. “Let’s take the chaos that happened yesterday and has happened almost every day for decades in our country,” he said.

“Don’t try that, no Mr AG,” Mohammed said.

Al-Rawi countered, “You disagree? 1990 didn’t happen? … The State of Emergency didn’t happen in 2011/2012? Come on Fazeer.”

“Mr Attorney General don’t try and pretend that what happened yesterday is a daily occurrence in Trinidad and Tobago.”

“It is now. We’ve had several instances of automatic firearms, Fazeer, I appreciate your style and rule as an agent provocateur ,” Al Rawi responded.

Mohammed answered, “Mr AG please, don’t try and mamaguy me this morning … We referenced yesterday, you want to reference what went on decades ago. I’m telling you that the numbers show that the murders have been in excess of 500 in the last two years. The highest murder toll we’ve had was 550 in 2008 when the PNM were also in office and I’m putting it to you that when it comes to governance, the PNM’s track record is that violence, criminality is at a higher level when the PNM is in office.”

Al-Rawi told him, “So if you’ll calm down a little bit, let’s disaggregate what you’ve just said. You went off on a tangent of saying …”

Fazeer advised that the Attorney General not tell him to calm down.

The exchange soon after continued with Al-Rawi saying, “Let’s get measured for a moment. I just said to you that for decades we’ve had a situation and then you just confirmed it cause you went back to 2008 … Isn’t 2008 not more than a decade from now? … So fact number one, you agree that a decade ago there was an issue. So you’ve just agreed with me. Thank you.”

Mohammed said, “For the sake of argument, let’s say I agree with you.”

“Well it’s not argument it’s fact, it came out of your mouth. Let’s move on,” Al-Rawi said.

Mohammed answered, “Because you are very good in the language as most attorneys are. You are articulate in the mamaguy.”

The Attorney General said, “This is not language Fazeer, this is logic, let’s press on.”

The banter continued with Al-Rawi saying that he should give space for an answer to his question but Mohammed saying he was not going to.

Al-Rawi asked “Well then what the point of asking a question?”