DON'T be the star boy or star girl at the top of the Pyramid of Contagion.

Do not start your own chain of infections in your communities. Instead, stay home and stay blessed. These were the closing appeals by Government ministers at the media briefing on Wednesday.

In an update to the country on the statistics of the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh pointed out that in 90 minutes during the briefing, there were 5,000 more positive cases of the virus recorded.

Deyalsingh repeated the appeals to citizens to continue to co-operate with Government's lock down measures, and adhere to the guidance of public health care officials.

"These are uncharted waters but under guidance of Prime Minister, public health care officials, and with the co-operation of the general public we will reach a destination of calm. but to get there, things may get worse before they get better", Deyalsingh said.

He noted that Christians, Hindus and Muslims were observing auspicious times in their religious calendars and he implored citizens to turn to their holy scriptures for solace and guidance during the stay at home measures.

"Don't be the 'star boy' or 'star girl' at the top of that pyramid. If we pay attention to that pyramid. And don't start your own chain of infections, the waters will be calmer. The waters will be calmer and the breezes will be less intense. I urge us all to rally behind Prime Minister, the public health officials that have guided us brilliantly since January and we will come out of this in a much better space", he said. "If we stay home, we will achieve the objective of saving lives and not breaking the health care system."

To cope with the stay at home measures, Director of Mental Health at Ministry of Health Dr Hazel Othello advised citizens to develop a daily schedule and stick to it.

Dr Othello said spend time with family members at home being creative with pending home projects, and get involved with crafts to keeping physically and mentally alert and active during these challenging times.

To those who have lost jobs, she advised, "Please be mindful of global picture and happening globally. This is not the worst thing that could happen to you. It is a temporary situation. Try to find a bright side to focus on, and use religion and loved ones".

To those who may have lost love ones and were unable to grieve with family and friends, Dr Othello advised that they turn to their spirituality to stay grounded, and technology to close the gap of distance.

"You may not be able to attend wake and funerals, but use technology to talk about the good times, and try not to focus on the things that you can't control. When this is over we can have a memorial service to honor that person", she said.


PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley has accused media houses of “harassing people with lies”, saying yesterday media in Trinidad and Tobago were not independent but instead “have interests to protect”.

MARLENE McDonald has opted out.

The Port of Spain South Member of Parliament failed to show up for screening yesterday by the People’s National Movement (PNM).

There were only three nominees screened for that constituency — Trinidad and Tobago Sportswoman of the Year (2014) and Olympian Cleopatra Borel, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee president Brian Lewis and businessman and radio talk show host Wendell Stephen.