Daniel Sooklal

HOURS before he was gunned down during an attempted robbery, Daniel Sooklal was working hard to refurbish his home at Gasparillo to move in with his wife and children.

On Thursday shortly before midnight night, Sooklal was shot multiple times by a gunman who pounced on his wife’s doubles vending stall at the corner of Stadium Link and Guaracara/ Tabaquite Roads, Marabella.

Sooklal, 31, collapsed on the road and bled to death, a short distance away from the stall outside Union Plaza.

The father of three was shot to the back of the head and torso, an autopsy found at the Forensic Science Centre, on Friday.

His father, Danny Sooklal, said it is believed that the motive was robbery, and that his son was not threatened by anyone.

“His wife and another lady were selling the doubles. A man with a mask and his head covered came and pulled the gun. The two ladies ran and he (Sooklal) was in the car. As he came out of the car he got shot. Apparently the bandit came to rob. But nothing was taken. As the shot was fired the bandit left”, said Sooklal.

At Lightborne Trace, Gasparillo where Sooklal’s relatives lived, Sooklal’s aunt, Judy Loutan, said he had previously worked as a gardener, but stopped after he suffered two heart attacks in the last two years.

Instead Sooklal assisted his wife, Azeema Aleem, in the doubles vending business, who worked evening hours at her stall at Union Road.

She said Sooklal and Aleem rented an apartment at Couva since it was difficult to get transport to return home after vending at nights.

However, two weeks ago Sooklal bought a vehicle and started fixing the family house at Lightborne Trace to return there to live with his wife and children.

Sooklal also intended to work “ph” with the vehicle as an income for his family.

Loutan choked back tears as she spoke of her nephew whom she described as hard working and family oriented.

“He was a good, quiet person, working, and he had three children. He used to collect the money and she would wrap the doubles. Up to yesterday (Thursday) he was here helping out the father. He was running pipelines for water. The father finished build the house”, she said.

The aunt said the family were told about the killing after it was posted on social media.

Loutan lamented that her nephew was killed, and that crime had reached their home.

“We have to lock up early, we can’t trust anyone passing in the road. And last year we had a lot of deaths from mother, mother-in-law, my husband and now my nephew. We have to keep praying”.

Emergency Response Patrol Units searched the streets of Marabella after the killing, but no one was arrested.


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