Errol Fabien

Media personality and founder of Gayelle The Caribbean, Errol Fabien, has 24 hours to raise $350,000 to save his home and his television station, Gayelle Caribbean.

A GoFundMe account was set up for the storyteller and comedian on Thursday after police came to his Port of Spain residence to evict him.

It was a double blow for Fabien, who may no longer have a place to live, and with the station also based on the same premises, it also means his business may be no more.

The television and radio presenter took to social media in two Facebook live posts to air his plight.

In his first post, Fabien said, "Officers of the court arrived this morning (Thursday) at my house and they are about to put me out. They are going to turn off everything and shut down the station. So, I guess I am saying goodbye to everybody."

Fabien explained despite paying a 'significant sum' of money to the bank, it was not enough, and the bank made moves through officers of the court to foreclose on his home.

He said, "It is amazing to see in the flash of an eye something like this could happen."

"I gave the bank everything I had. Everything, everything, everything yuh know.

Fabien, who did not have enough battery power on his phone to finish the first post pleaded with the public to offer him a place to stay.

The post garnered more than 600 comments and had over 1000 shares.

Friends, well-wishers, and fans of Fabien shared their displeasure over the bank's decision to foreclose on his home during a pandemic, while others rushed to offer aid to the presenter.

In a telephone interview with the Express on Thursday, Fabien shared what led up to this point.

He said, "I haven't been paying my mortgage and that's what caused it."

According to Fabien, before the Covid- 19 pandemic, it was difficult to make ends meet, and even more so now.

"I have not been earning. I have tried and the bank has been pretty understanding, but I think they have reached the end of the road.....and the situation is what it is now. The bank is asking for $350,000, that is legally owed to them. They are giving 24 hours to come up with it," he said.

To help Fabien, click on the GoFundMe link