Communications Minister Donna Cox

Expired identification cards remain valid until the end of the year.

During this morning’s updated on the Covid19 in this country, Minister of Communications Donna Cox said that identification cards which have expired or are due to expire this year shall be valid until December 31 2020.

She said, “For those of you who have not been able to renew your identification cards because of the pandemic, you will be happy to know that the Elections and Boundaries Commission has extended the validity of national identification cards. The EBC is advising that all ID card issued by the Commission that have already expired, as well as those due to expire in 2020, shall be valid until December 31 2020.”

She said that no action is required by holders of such cards to extend the validity. She added that a notice from the EBC stated that the extension of expiry date is in accordance with the Representation of the People Act.


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