Killed: Josiah Patrice

THE woman who considers herself the adopted mother of sprinter Josiah Patrice has expressed outrage over the insensitivity of social media users who captured and shared pictures of his body following his killing on Thursday.

Jennifer Hamilton said her family learned of his demise through a social media video, which showed Patrice's body roadside, a group of people standing near it.

Hamilton said that Patrice had been staying at her home for about a year, as he trained with her son at Stallions Athletic Club.

"I wondered if people checked to see if he was breathing, or call an ambulance. No one had a bit of remorse on their faces. It is cause for concern that we have become a society that no longer cares. No compassion", said Hamilton.

Patrice was shot and killed at Connector Road, Reform Village, on Thursday afternoon.

A police report said that a motorist saw Patrice kneeling on the roadway, and stopped to help.

The motorist called the police emergency line, but Patrice died before police and paramedics responded.

Police officers followed a trail of blood about 300 feet away and discovered several spent nine millimetre spent shells.

Patrice, who usually wore several pieces of gold jewelery, was found barebacked, without jewelry.

Detectives of Homicide Region III, Southern Division Task Force, Gasparillo and Princes Town Police Station responded.

The motive for the killing is not yet known.

Condolences have poured in online as news of his death circulated among the relative, friends and sport fraternity.

Social media site TTgameplan posted a photograph of Patrice in action at a competition at the NAAA TT (National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago) Series Four track meet, held at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Arima, on February 8.

TTgame plan posted a photo which was taken at the NAAA TT Series #4 meet, at LGS in February of this year, where Patrice had set a new personal best in the 200 metre event.

Hamilton said she was not at their Gasparillo home when Patrice left to go to work at Woodford Cafe, Chaguanas, around 1 p.m.

She received a call a few hours later from a relative who saw the video, which she termed "inhumane".

"What was saddening was the person who was taking the video, he was asking the family to take up the body, like if was the norm for him. Did he have no heart? It calls for question", she said.

"On a whole society has become so insensitive, people no longer show compassion. You will see a man drowning and instead of throwing a stick for him or help, we will watch them go under just to take a picture. And then we will look to the Government to do something, when we have the power to assist. The person using the phone could call the ambulance or the police, but the person who is videoing didn't do anything", she said.

An autopsy was expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Friday.


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