Killed: Gabriella Dubarry

VISHAL BIRJU, the former lover of mother-of-one Gabriella Dubarry, was charged with her murder.

Birju, 28, of Pepper Village, Fyzabad, was charged on Monday evening.

He is expected to appear in the Siparia magistrates' court today.

Birju, a 'ph' taxi driver, was detained by police shortly after Dubarry was shot dead in her home on Thursday.

Dubarry, the mother of a seven-year old boy, was killed one day shy of her 29th birthday.

She was getting dressed for work when a man with a firearm entered her parents' house at the corner of Jebodhsingh Drive and Fyzabad Main Road where she lived.

She was shot to the head.

Police said they were told that Dubarry had an 'on and off' relationship with the man since they were teenagers in secondary school.

She had reported previously reported him to Fyzabad police for being violent.

However, police were told that she had broken off the relationship at least two years ago.

On Sunday she was given her final rites at a funeral service, then cremated at Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek, South Oropouche.

Homicide detectives took the case file to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for consultation on the charges yesterday.