Gary Griffith with his wife and son

Gary Griffith with his wife and son

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith will be flying out to Ireland to "recharge" and vacation with his family.

However, the top cop said his absence is nothing for the criminals and his detractors to celebrate as he remains the substantive Commissioner and will be working from abroad.

It is the first time the Commissioner will be taking a month vacation since becoming top cop.

Griffith, speaking to the Express by phone said that his leave has been accumulating since he took up the post two years ago.

"After two years working 18 hours a day, seven days a week trying to see how best I could make this a safer country obviously it is taking a toll on me, you would have seen i had issues with my gall bladder and all of that so obviously it is affecting my wear and tear so I need to recharge," he said.

"I am taking a month and it is the best time because my family is in Ireland, my son (footballer) has several trials with several clubs in Europe so it is the most appropriate fit especially since I need to be back in time to assist with the process towards the appointments of the DCPs," he said.

Griffith said he found it interesting that after he sent his request for leave for vacation - 24 hours later a fake post comes out on social media claiming that the PCA spoke to the executives.

"The people who are involved in this massive campaign to try and discredit me, all it is doing is exposing the fact that I am pressing on toes and people are panicking," he said.

Griffith said the PCA does not deal in giving any officer administrative leave especially the Police Commissioner.

Griffith said there is a negative campaign against him on social media by paid bloggers "who have been assigned to see every single day what can be said to discredit me".