Gary griffith

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith

EXPECT a heavier police presence on the roads before curfew hours as officers will be cracking down on ‘flying’ and intoxicated motorists seeking to get their destinations at the last minute.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said that heavier traffic has been noted on the nation’s roads one or two hours before the start of the Covid-19 curfew, and with immediate effect, the TTPS will intensify policing especially the period two to three hours before the curfew is imposed.

“For those who want to go to down the wire, get your last lime or last drink and then fly down the road – it is irresponsible and breaking the law.

There are going to be many police roadblocks, DUI testing, and speed testing to put an end to the irresponsible behavior or people flying to get home and/ or intoxicated.

Enough of that. Let us try to stop maximising our lime and trying to get home just before the curfew period.”

Griffith said that the TTPS also noted an increase in criminal activity shortly before the curfew hours, and then the perpetrators ‘get back in their holes’.

The Commissioner said that the increased police presence will service as a deterrent for citizens to be more responsible and mature in their decision-making nearing curfew hours.

Insp Ashraf Ali of Operational Command Centre urged motorists with legitimate reasons for being on the roads during curfew hours to call the TTPS curfew hotlines well beforehand, to be issued a temporary pass.

Insp Ali said that these legitimate reasons ranged from those who were required to provide transport to employees at health institutions, or to assist citizens with mechanical difficulties.

Ali said that the officers manning the hotlines assess the situations and distribute passes accordingly for the time period that was required by the motorist to be on the nation’s roads.

He explained that requests can be made to the hotlines by calling or via Whatsapp, and the temporary passes would be sent to the motorists’ phones.

Griffith urged citizens with ridiculous requests, such as asking to visit relatives for meals, not to flood the hotlines thus tying up the lines for those with legitimate requests.

Insp Ali said that Sunday night 13 people were arrested for breach of curfew, and a total of 576 people were arrested since the Covid-19 curfew was implemented.


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