Police Commissioner Gary Griffith shows the firepower now in the possession of criminals.

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith has urged criminals to give up their illegal firearms and ammunition.

Griffith said that his recommendation of a gun amnesty would have to be taken to the Ministry of National Security to make the final decision.

Noting that over 5,000 innocent people have been killed in the last decade, Griffith said the welcomed the news of a truce as seen in a social media video which captured warring gang leaders hugging and high-fiving, and added that the truce should not be "cosmetic" and called on them to hand in their illegal artillery.

"If they have formed a truce and say they want peace, and with this as Commissioner of Police I intend to help you with that truce. I am providing the opportunity for you to hand in all your firearms. As gang members and you want to have a truce, I expect that you will do now if give up all your firearms and then work to help this country. A truce cannot be cosmetic that you high five, gang leaders with others, and then you have firearms. There is a saying that you cannot be half-pregnant. If you are speaking about a truce and you want to bring peace, then bring the items of war that you have used to kill many innocent persons in this country over the last decade", he said.

"As the Commissioner of Police I give you that effect to hand in your firearms with immediate effect. Show to the country that what you have is really a truce, no more criminal activity and not a convenient degree of persons trying to form an alliance because they realise they have been measured, weighed and found wanting because this police service and this commissioner will not weigh down to the pressure. I will continue to make life difficult for criminal elements regardless of how they are dressed and where they are", said Griffith.

The CoP said that they criminals work on the system of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, not to stop the bloodshed that they have caused."

Griffith said that if any officer had abused their authority, he would be the first person to 'buss their throat".

"I will continue to ensure that there is a degree of transparency and clean up the police service. As a leader I do not make decisions when I am angry, or try to satisfy the public. I have to do what is right", he said.

The CoP also announced that with immediate effect, the officers who were involved in firing their weapon during the fatal killing of three men at Morvant on June 24, would no longer be on active duty, whether operational or administrative.

On Monday, Griffith was critical of the Police Complaints Authority issuing a media release to advise him that officers involved in the police killings of Joel Jacobs, Israel Moses Clinton and Noel Diamond at Juman Drive, Second Caledonia, should be immediately suspended, which sparked widespread protests and unease over the police use of force.

The TTPS responded saying that the PCA acted in an unprofessional manner, and in making a public comment as it pertains to any decision made, on any police officer, without first informing the officers.

On the issue, Griffith said on Tuesday: "I will not act to quench the thirst of those who are looking for blue blood. I will not be bullied because people want revenge. I will stand firm to defend a proud institution that has matured remarkably in the last two years. I could make life easy for me, as the PCA has done, by just throwing officers under the bus with a media release and exonerate myself...", said Griffith.

"This situation is getting more and more like a lynch mob that wants immediate action with no due process. "


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