Gary Griffith--USE

 Gary Griffith

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has tested negative for the COVID-19 virus.

The test was conducted over the weekend days after the CoP held a meeting with someone who was a secondary contact of another person suspected of being positive for COVID-19.

According to Griffith, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has been the frontline State agency since the COVID19 Pandemic worsened in March 2020.

He said, “This just shows how susceptible the TTPS is due to the mandatory interaction with the public. Since the closure of our borders and the enforcement of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations in March, the men and women of the TTPS have been out there ensuring that members of the public adhere to the rules.

“We have been interacting with the public on the regulations ensuring that they do the right thing, and at the same time, doing our normal duties of protecting the citizens. We have continued with our anti-crime measures and as you can see, we have been very successful, especially during the lockdown period. Over the weekend alone, we seized 15 firearms and a wide assortment of ammunition at different locations.”

He said “Clearly, we have been interacting with the public and with that comes the possible exposure to persons with the virus or their secondary and primary contacts. We have engaged the men and women of the TTPS to be extra careful as we are now seeing community spread and no longer imported cases. We have ensured that our officers wear their masks and sanitize themselves on a regular basis. We have also limited visitations at police stations and departments.”

The health experts say the country is not at the point of community spread, but at a stage of cluster cases.

Within the past ten days, the TTPS had to temporarily close the Police Administration Building, the Old Police Headquarters, Riverside Plaza, and the Moruga and Barrackpore Police Stations, for sanitization after persons tested positive for COVID-19. So far, two police officers have tested positive for COVID-19.


Cabinet has approved a contract to Bridgemans Services Group (BSG) for its Cabo Star cargo vessel to service the inter-island seabridge for two years at a reduced cost of US$16,000 a day.

Property tax appears increasingly to be a fait accompli for this October 5 national budget.

Asked about the implementation of property tax yesterday, Minister of Finance Colm Imbert said: “We had committed in our manifesto to continue with the Revenue Authority and the property tax system. That is there in black and white. We didn’t hide from anybody with that. We put it there—that we were doing the valuation of properties and preparing the valuation rolls in order to allow the implementation of that particular tax. And also we were continuing our work on the Revenue Authority.

The complaint against Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith by the chairman of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, has been submitted to the Police Service Commission (PolSC).

A failure as a father.

This is how Bryan Whittier, a Trini­dadian who has been stuck in Japan for the past eight months, says he feels every time he speaks to his children on the phone and cannot give them an answer as to when he will be home.

Whittier left Trinidad for Japan on January 26, where his plan was to purchase auto parts and equipment for the company he is employed with.