These men can help police solve the crime

St James police are investigating a report in which an 85-year-old woman and her son were beaten during a home invasion on Tuesday.

No serious injuries were reported in the incident, but the two victims were taken for medical treatment.

In a social media post, the Woodbrook Residents’ Association recounted the event and posted pictures of the alleged suspects, asking anyone with information as to their identities to contact the police.

The group said the men hit the elderly woman on her head and choked her, causing broken bones.

“We would like you all to have a good look at the images below. These ‘men’ broke into a house on Ariapita Avenue to commit a robbery. They viciously attacked an 85-year-old woman and her amputee son. These ‘men’ were particularly violent with the 85-year-old woman as she was hit in the head with a gun butt, choked, (and suffered) cuts and broken bones. Please share these images so we can have these ‘men’ where they belong... in jail,” the post read.


LET the Minister of National Secu­rity present evidence to the Joint Select Committee on Nation­al Security to support his “outlandish and reckless” claims.

NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young is standing by his statement that there is a conspi­racy to destabilise the country as he declared yesterday that “no one is above the law”.

FEAR and confusion.

These are the feelings that residents of Arima and its surrounding communities say are overwhelming them.

A spike in violent crime since the start of 2020 has put the community on edge.

THE politicos agree on two things. No clear winner is going to emerge in today’s Tobago election for political leader of the PNM ­Tobago Island Council.