Three children died after being trapped in a burning house in Maraval this morning.

The victims have been identified. They are siblings Ezekel Burke 17, Faith Burke, six, and Kayden Burke, three.

They lived in a house near the parking lot of the RBC Bank at Rookery Nook, Maraval, with their parents Janielle Rodriguez and Troy Burke, and siblings Janicia Burke, 15, and Zara Burke, 13.

The mother had just left for work at Massy Stores, when the fore broke out before 8a.m.

The father and two children were able to escape.

The other children were trapped in an area of the house where there was a locked burglar proof door leading to the steps.

Before fire fighters arrived, a man tried breaking through the walls of the house as it filled with thick black smoke and the screams of the victims could be heard.

Fire fighters spent several minutes with a sledge hammer breaking through the burglar proofing, while water was sprayed through the windows.

The cause of the fire is not immediately known but police said that it did not appear to be maliciously set.


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