Joint funeral: Mother and son Dooliah and Kelvin Gobin.

Joint funeral: Mother and son Dooliah and Kelvin Gobin.

A Barrackpore family is in mourning after two of their relatives died 24 hours apart.

Funerals for Dooliah and Kelvin Gobin were held jointly on Wednesday, at Ramlal Trace in Barrackpore.

After the funeral service for mother and son, they were both conveyed to the Shore of Peace cremation site.

Gobin’s nephew, Rakesh Sookram, told the Express yesterday that his aunt lived for her family—they were her treasures.

According to Sookram, on September 9, Kelvin’s friends came to visit him at his Barrackpore home. Upon entering his premises, they saw him lying on his bed. He appeared to be sleeping, but when they tried to wake him, they discovered he was not breathing. They called the police and ambulance for assistance.

“By the time the police and Emergency Health Services officers came, they said he was dead. Kelvin suffered a massive heart attack. He was only 32 years old. Kelvin and Dooliah were two of the nicest people you would ever meet,” Sookram said.

Relatives said Dooliah Gobin, who passed away the next day, had a personality that lit up a room, a willingness to help others, and a charming smile that made her well-loved in her community of Barrackpore.

Hard-working and family-oriented, Dooliah enjoyed being there for her loved ones, Sookram said.

Described as the cornerstone of the Gobin clan, 72-year-old Dooliah, fondly called Jasso by her relatives, was the person everyone turned to for advice, or if something needed to be done at home or in the community.

However, over the last two years, the close-knit family has experienced one devastating blow after another.

Sookram said his aunt became bedridden and unable to speak after her husband died less than a year ago.

“When her husband died, it was tough on her. She suffered a stroke and could not move around anymore. She also could not speak, but always had a sharp mind and stayed close to her family. My aunt was like a mother to all of us. Whether we had prayers or family functions, Dooliah made sure to contribute something. Whatever she had, she would extend herself and help the rest of the family,” he said.

Gobin had four adult children. Kelvin, her youngest, was the baby of the family. He was the “spoil child”, Sookram said.

“There was nothing Gobin wouldn’t do for her family. Her last son... Dooliah went the extra mile. The bond between mother and son was undeniably strong, that when news of Kelvin’s death reached Gobin’s ears, it was just too much for her,” he said.

According to Sookram, the loss of her son so soon after losing her husband broke Dooliah’s heart.

“Kelvin suffered a massive heart attack and died last week Thursday. Dooliah passed the next day.

“My aunt suffered from high blood pressure. She recently had a stroke after her husband passed, and suffered another stroke shortly after learning her son had died. I don’t know how I am going to move on without them.

“Kelvin enjoyed cricket and was a part of our community cricket league. The same week he died, he planned to fly out to play a match but never got the chance to do it. They will both be missed,” he said.


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