Lisa Thomas and her parrot

Walter the bird is missing.

His owner, Lisa Thomas is pleading for the safe return of her black headed caique.

“I just want him back. They could just put back the cage in the yard I don’t mind, I just want him back,” Thomas told the Express.

Thomas of Petit Valley said that between 9.30 and 10 a.m. the person who took Walter jumped the neighbour’s wall onto her premises, grabbed the cage with Walter inside and escaped through the same yard he came.

The neighbour raised an alarm and on realizing what was happening, Thomas ran down the road and flagged down a police car. She told the officers of the incident.

Thomas believes that the person who took Walter escaped in a waiting car as she drove around with the police but was unable to find the perpetrator.

Old Year’s Day marked 13th years Walter has been at her home and she considers him part of her family.

Walter is one of her five special needs parrots.

Thomas also has three orange winded Amazon parrots named Sammy, Jose and Cocott.

She also has a kiskadee name Bebebird and a black bird named Frazzle.

There is also Lito a yellow crowned Amazon who is blind and differently abled. He and Walter are Thomas’s permitted birds.

For hours after Walter was taken, Thomas’s birds did not eat. She said she brought them inside after the incident and Sammy refused to let go of her finger.

She said that Walter will be traumatized by the incident and will want to attack the stranger who took him.

“He would bite right now as he’s terrified. Just don’t hurt him. He doesn’t know rough behaviour at all so please, don’t hurt him.”

Thomas who used to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation centre said that authorities at the wildlife section and the police are aware that Walter has been taken.

“This is the first time this ever happened. I really never though anybody could be this heartless,” Thomas said.

Within half an hour of Thomas sharing information on Facebook of Walter being missing, 32 comments were made and there were scores of shares. She thanked all and asked that they continue to spread the news.

Should anyone have information on Walter’s whereabouts they can contact the Four Roads police station, the wildlife section of the Forestry Division or Thomas at 7377029.


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