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There is hope for students stranded in Cuba.

Speaking at Monday’s COVID-19 virtual press conference, National Security Minister Stuart Young said, “We are bringing back our students from Cuba, or at least we’re offering them exemptions to come home because there’s a flight that’s being put on by Caribbean Airlines to assist the Cuban Government. So, we’re using that opportunity to make the offer to our Cuban students and other nationals who are in Cuba, to come home.

“Remember, the balancing factor is the number of rooms we have, the number of spaces we have for State quarantine and the limited State-supervised quarantine that we’re doing, so that limits our numbers we can bring back at any point in time.”

Young said the Government is also reaching out to the students in India to tell them they are being granted exemptions, but only on the following three conditions:

1. They must indicate their flight itinerary to the Government

2. They must state when they expect to arrive in Trinidad and,

3. They must be willing to subject themselves to quarantine

“I think by now everyone who comes to Trinidad, all out nationals, understand they’re going to be subjected to the strictest of quarantine measures.

“We are also looking at the numbers of other persons who are in the region, who have been out there and stranded for the last few weeks and months. We have the dates that these people requested exemptions to come so we’re going to some exercises. I will be discussing with Caribbean Airlines how to carry out those exercises or other private charter planes, how to get back other persons in the Caribbean area as the next wave of persons we’re bringing home.

He said the number of nationals that are allowed to return home is highly dependent on the country’s ability to provide quarantine facilities and that the Government is seeking to expand this aspect of the parallel healthcare system.


The safety of hikers remains an issue of concern for hiking groups in Trinidad and Tobago.

This after several dangerous incidents have affected hikers in recent times.

On Thursday a man and woman were attacked by an armed man at Cumaca Road in Valencia. After his escape, both victims visited the Valencia Police Station to file a report. They were then taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital for treatment.

There are good reasons for allowing the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) contingent in.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday defended the Government’s decision to grant exemptions for some 250 persons affiliated with the CPL T20 cricket tournament to enter Trinidad and Tobago, while leaving thousands of nationals who want to return outside.

A hawk’s eye will be on the look-out for any Venezuelan who may want to try to vote with a fake Trinidad and Tobago identification card, says United National Congress (UNC) chairman Peter Kanhai.

Kanhai and a team met with Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) officials yesterday.

ONE MONTH after Starlite Pharmacy chief executive Gerald Aboud posted controversial statements on Facebook over the killing of George Floyd in the United States, an international cosmetics brand has decided to pull its products from the store.