Robert Le Hunte

Robert Le Hunte

PUBLIC Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte has said he cannot promise water to the people of the South on 24/7 basis because he is not a “magician”.

But he is promising from next year there would be a two- to three-day a week supply.

Speaking at a PNM public meeting in Siparia Thursday evening, Le Hunte said he received about 100 text messages each morning from people complaining that they have no water.

“I know how the people of this area are suffering for water. But when the UNC was in power, and they had the opportunity to look at it and do the things that are required, they didn’t do anything about it.”

He said Trinidad and Tobago produced 240 million gallons of water.

“So we are not a country that don’t produce plenty water. The problem that we have is that all the water is produced in Central and Northeast Trinidad, almost 70 per cent of the water, that is where it is. And you now have to get that water to the West and you have to get the water all the way down here. So we have to fix the network and we have to improve the booster system to be able to get the water down here.

“We know in some areas in Trinidad, we get 24/7 water. In Central Trinidad and in a lot of areas they get 24/7 water. But our people down here, we are fighting and are lucky if we get water one day a week. Is that not true? That is definitely not right and we are working to change that.”

He said a booster station was put in Savonetta and there was also an upgrading of the South Oropouche booster station.

He said once “we get water we are going to be able to put water from Central Trinidad and from northeast Trinidad and get more water down here in these areas”.

He said water provider WASA was drilling wells in Granville to augment supply as well as fixing leaks.

“I can’t promise you water 24/7 because I am not a magician and I can’t wave a wand and make it happen. But what I can tell you is that the infrastructure we are putting in will allow for us to be able to get water at least two to three days a week, starting from next year,” he said.

Le Hunte said Government was stretching the money to deal with the problem.


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