Swiss group: T&T hub for illegal immigrants*


ammended operationsPeople are asked to take note of the following temporary changes to the services offered at the Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Division offices, which form part of Government’s response to COVID-19: 

 All permanent residence and citizenship interviews will be suspended until further notice;

 Persons who were unable to leave Trinidad and Tobago by March 22, 2020 and whose landing certificates may have expired or will expire by April 30, 2020, will be granted an extension of stay until June 22, 2020;

 Holders of student permits will be granted a three (3) month extension of stay in the first instance, if the permit expires before April 30, 2020;

 The issuing of visas to foreign nationals will be suspended until Trinidad and Tobago’s borders are re-opened;

 A drop-off system will be implemented in the coming days for the submission of Trinidad and Tobago passport renewal applications. 


 With regard to extensions of landing certificates, permanent residence and student permits, persons whose documents have expired, or will expire by April 30, 2020 are asked to contact the Immigration Division urgently via the following email addresses:

 o For Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nationals:;

o For nationals of all other countries which do not fall under CARICOM:

 Applicants must provide, via email, their full name, current residential address, telephone number, a copy of the bio data page of their passport, a copy of their last entry or extension certificate (if applicable), and any other supporting documents.

 Following the receipt of email requests, the Immigration Division will contact all applicants for extension of stay to provide dates of appointments.


 With regard to passport related services, applicants for passports will be attended to by appointments only. Applicants should come to the appointment venue no earlier than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time as only a limited number will be allowed into the offices at any point in time. The Immigration Division advises that the elderly, and persons with children contact the Division via its Call Centre at 225-4664 for rescheduling of appointments. All persons wishing to reschedule their appointment, can contact the Call Centre at 225-4664 and select Option 2 when the call connects.

 The implementation of these measures have become necessary to prevent the congregation of persons at the immigration offices, in keeping with Government’s precautionary guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Ministry of National Security continues to urge persons to avoid crowding within and outside immigration offices.


The 35 Trinidad and Tobago nationals in Barbados have comple­ted their 14-day quarantine period and are to be tested for COVID-19 before a decision is made to bring them back to Trinidad, according to National Security Minister Stuart Young.