New treatments to combat flu*


The Ministry of Health is appealing again to the public to protect themselves against the influenza (flu) virus.

The ministry issued the la­test flu update yesterday, which when compared to the previous update showed a significant increase in the number of suspected flu cases.

As at January 17, the number of suspected cases stood at 29.

This figure rose to 147 as at January 31.

“The Influenza virus is serious and is generally more severe than the common cold. The flu vaccine is available, at no cost, at all health centres,” the ministry’s statement said.

Two deaths from the influenza virus have been recorded for the year so far.

However, since the ministry’s last update for the period up to January 17, no new cases were reported.

The number of confirmed influenza deaths for the current flu season (October 2019 to May 2020) is 39.

Last year, 3,854 suspected cases were recorded.

The ministry said for the flu season so far, it has administered 82,843 vaccines to the public.

Reporting on the coronavirus, the ministry said as at 6 a.m. on Monday, 392 flights and 29,649 passengers and airline crew members had been screened for the virus.

It confirmed no one was found to be febrile (having symp­­­­toms of a fever).


A soldier who attempted to break up a gathering at his son’s birthday lime in Point Fortin was shot dead by a police officer ­yesterday.

Lance Corporal Keverne Miller, 42, of Lakeview, Point Fortin, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Point Fortin Area Hospital.

Miller served 16 years in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, his father, Daffort Miller, 73, said.

“I thought it was garbage.”

These were the words of a 45-year-old man on Thursday night while speaking to investigators in Valencia at the scene of an accident which claimed the life of 49-year-old Elvis Marcano.

AS the world yesterday recorded a “heart-wrenching milestone” of two million Covid-19 deaths, Uni­ted Nations Secretary-General Anto­nio Guterres said the pandemic’s impact has been exaggerated by a lack of global co-ordination—as he warned against inequity in the global distribution of a vaccine.

WEDNESDAY’S ruling by Justice Frank Seepersad in favour of the Trinidad Express against the State was not just a victory for the media fraternity in this country but also across the Commonwealth and Caribbean.

In a statement from its Barbados headquarters yesterday, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) said it welcomed the ruling by Justice Seepersad in which he declared the warrants used by police to search the media house in March last year were “plainly irregular”, unlawful and unconstitutional.

Several scholarship winners are earning an income driving taxis while others qualified in the field of law are unemployed because the State has not placed them in jobs.

This, while the Solicitor General’s department is understaffed and in need of more attorneys.

This was one of the concerns raised yesterday during a meeting of the Joint Select Committee of Finance and Legal Affairs, enquiring into the ease of doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.