The protest at the Siparia District Hospital

A PROTEST by workers at the Siparia Health Facilities on Monday prompted officials of the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) to visit the facility on Tuesday.

SWRHA Chief Executive Officer Dr Brian Armour  toured the building along with officials from the institution.

Asked about the protest on Monday, Armour said, “I’m advised that it wasn’t really a protest. The workers had concerns about the general conditions of work at the facility which was expressed to management and the south west executives did take note and we did visit and speak with the workers yesterday (Monday) and therefore we are addressing the situation that the workers addressed which are valid concerns.”

He said that none of the patients were affected on Monday and work continued after the workers aired their grievances. He said that work also continued yesterday.

The main issue raised by the workers involved mosquitoes at the facility.

Armour said he had a two week action plan. “I’ve come to see first-hand what are the issues even though I’m being well reported and advised by management. So I’ve done the preliminary walk about assessment so then I’ll sit down with the facility manager and we will do a more technical review and certainly we will then do all the corrective actions that are necessary ... Based on the walkabout and a more technical review we do have, in my mind, a two week action plan to deal with the issues with the facility.”

He said that in the meantime the Ministry of Health, through the county medical officer health office had done a public health inspector assessment. “The main thing with mosquitoes is source reduction so you have to reduce the breeding sites … Right now I’m here and I’m not seeing it as much but I am advised that they do come in waves.”

He also said that the issue of the air condition also had to be addressed. “We have to really fix the ambient temperature which is the air conditioning issue so this is something we will be looking at urgently in order to address the situation and certainly in terms of keeping the general cleanliness.”

He thanked the workers “for their forbearance with the whole issue”. He said, “I think there is a good spirit of co-operation and I think the workers understand that we have listened to them so therefore this is just moving forward.”


IS Barry Padarath in or out?

The People’s National Movement (PNM) is considering mounting a legal challenge to the candidacy of Barry Padarath, the United National Congress (UNC) Princes Town candidate for the 2020 general election.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday expressed satisfaction with the findings of the pre-election 2020 poll conducted by Nigel Henry which showed the People’s National Movement (PNM) five per cent ahead of its main rival, the United National Congress (UNC).

OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her “minions” in the United National Congress (UNC) have now “stepped over the line” by attacking the father and brother of National Security Minister Stuart Young.

Young said so yesterday at a news conference at the Ministry of National Security in Port of Spain.

Covid-19 has caused a massive shift in what’s uppermost in the minds of citizens, with the pandemic now trumping crime as the major worry.

“Concern over the coronavirus pandemic has overtaken concern over crime, which had previously polled as the most pressing national issue for almost a decade.

AS the number of Covid-19 cases continues to climb daily in Trinidad and Tobago, a staff member and a child at the St Jude’s School for Girls have tested positive for the virus, while the Montrose Government Primary School has been ordered closed after a pupil was exposed to a contact of a Covid-19 case.