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FLASHBACK: Kamal Persad-Bissessar political leader of the United National Congress ,centre flanked by her supporters displayed her receipt after she filed nomination documents with the returning officer for the Election and Boundaries Commission in Penal on Friday July 17. 

OPPOSITION LEADER Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the advertisement which Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley called to be immediately removed was not a United National Congress ad.

She earlier said she had not seen the advertisement as she had been on the campaign trail.

Rowley called for the removal of an advertisement in which an Afro-Trnidad woman who was earlier begging for food, is given a bunch of bananas.

Speaking during a virtual political meeting on Thursday, he said, "(To) Kamla Persad Bissessar and her UNC friends, I know what the yellow bananas mean. Is monkey they does feed banana. All over the world footballers walk off the field when they start to make monkey chants. But in the UNC advertisement black people hungry in Trinidad and Tobago and yuh feed the 'monkeys' banana."

At the start of a motorcade at South Park in Tarouba, San Fernando on Friday, Persad-Bissessar was asked by reporters about her response to criticism to the advertisement. She said, “I don’t know which ads you’re are speaking about.”

The reporter attempted to clarify the advertisement but Persad-Bissessar interjected, “I don’t know which ad you’re speaking about.” At another attempt to describe the advertisement, the Opposition said: “To my knowledge, that is not a UNC ad so I don’t know which ad you’re speaking about. I have not seen the ad.”

She said that while she had seen many UNC advertisements, she added, “Several of them I have not seen because I’ve been on the campaign trail … The team responsible for communications may review them.”

She also told reporters, “We have two more days to go, we are on the eve of the election, again I make the point that the Rowley party is very desperate. I think they’re smelling it that they’re going to lose the election.” She said they were trying to distract from the real issues.

Persad-Bissessar said that she was not concerned that the criticism from the advertisement may have negative effects as people had already made up their minds “and they’re determined to vote the Rowley party out of government.”