Arlene Blackman

Arlene Blackman

Arlene Blackman was shot and killed last Thursday night as she was taking food and Christmas decorations out of her vehicle in front her Mt Hope home.

She was the 54th woman murdered for the year, and the 460th person to be killed for the year so far.

The comparative toll at the same time last year was 460.

Police said around 7.30 p.m., Blackman, 31, who worked at Price­Smart in Port of Spain, stopped in front the gate leading to her Gordon Street Extension, Serillo Drive, home in Mt Hope.

A group of men and women were liming in front of her house at the time.

She was unpacking fast food she had gotten for her family as well as Christmas decorations, when a gunman walked up and opened fire on the group.

He fired at Blackman’s red SUV.

A bullet hit her in the chest.

The man then ran off.

Blackman’s relatives, including her husband, rushed out of the house after hearing the gunshots.

Speaking to the Express yesterday at Forensic Science Centre, St James, the husband—who did not want to be identified—said he took her to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, then drove to the St Joseph Police Station.

He broke down as he spoke to the ­Express, recalling that while at the station he was contacted by a rela­tive, who told him his wife had died.


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