Kiss bread

Kiss employee Michael Sylvester, stacks Kiss bread on the shelves at Stackhouse Company Ltd. Pointe-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando, on Thursday. -Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

If you're a lover of bread produced by the Kiss Baking Company Limited, then brace yourself to dig more out of your pockets to make your purchases.

This as Kiss announced on Thursday that effective July 1, bread prices will be increased by an average of 11 per cent.

Kiss said the increase is as a result of Tuesday's announcement of a 33 per cent increase in the wholesale price of flour to commercial bakeries, which came into effect on Wednesday.

The company said the increase in the price of flour will have a severe impact on its operations as flour is its primary raw material input.

"We have conducted a comprehensive review of all raw material inputs and have made very effort to minimize the impact that this unprecedented increase will have on our customers," Kiss said.

Kiss said having completed this exercise, they have no choice but to increase the price of their bread products.


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