A Penal security officer who made a rendezvous with a woman he met online, instead found himself in a sexual bondage tryst with three men on Sunday.

The victim reported to police that he escaped his captors, who also robbed him of cash, a laptop and a cell phone. 

Police are searching for three men and a woman in connection with the offences of false Imprisonment, robbery with violence and gross sexual assault. 

A police report said that at around 10.30 p.m., the victim went to Tewarie Circular South Freeport, driving his silver coloured Mitsubishi wagon.

He told police that he went there to meet a woman, who identified herself as Kimberly, whom he had met a few months ago on social media.

The victim reported that upon arrival at the location, he met ‘Kimberly’ who entered his vehicle.

He said that she instructed him to reverse into a track a short distance away and he complied.

However, moments after he parked his vehicle, they were approached two armed men – one with a cutlass and the other with a firearm and a wooden baseball bat.

The victim reported that ‘Kimberly’ exited his vehicle and left in an unknown direction.

The armed men then attacked him, and dealt him several blows and tied him up.

A third man joined the attack, he reported.

The victim told police that he was then ordered to suck the suspects’ toes and the suspects attempted to insert their toes into his buttock.

He told police that that he escaped from the clutches of the three men and ran to the home of a nearby resident, who contacted the police.

The victim was also relieved of $1,000, an Acer laptop valued $6,000, a Samsung dual sim cellular phone, valued $800. 

The report was made to the Freeport Police Station and investigations are continuing.