A 44-year-old man who survived a gun attack four months ago was shot dead at his home in Biche on Wednesday.

Rafeek Hosein, of Fitts Road Junction, was State witness in a double murder case, police said.

Hosein was at his home when a gunman walked in and opened fire at around 4p.m.

Police said Hosein and another man were working at the back of the house when the intruder walked through the house to get to him.

The gunman shot Hosein several times about the body. He died at the scene.

His friend was not injured.

The killer then exited by walking through the house.

Hosein’s wife, Samdaye Naithram-Hosein, was not at home when the incident happened.

Police said the couple was wounded in a shooting in July. That attack also occurred at their home.


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