A 29-year-old woman is one of two persons ­being questioned by police after officers found and seized more than $300,000 in drugs in a shipping barrel on Wednesday.

The woman is from Picton Road, Laventille.

She was held alongside a 39-year-old man from Joseph Street, Enterprise.

The two were detained around 10.05 a.m. on Wednesday during a police exercise conducted by officers of the Northern Division’s Gang Unit.

The officers, under the leadership of Cpl ­Stevenson, received information which led them to the International Shipping Ltd bond compound at Sadhoo Road Extension, El Socorro, where they met with officers of the Customs and Excise ­Division.

Marijuana and ‘magic’ mushrooms

A search was conducted of a shipping barrel, which contained several food and clothing items.

Hidden among the items, police found and seized 11 transparent plastic bags, each containing marijuana.

The officers also found and seized a transparent zip-lock bag which contained hallucinogenic, or “magic”, mushrooms.

The items were weighed and they amounted to 1.4 kilogrammes.

The marijuana had a street value of $314,622, while the mushrooms had a street value of $18,900.

Two persons who were there to clear the barrel were detained.