Rohan Sinanan and Sacha Singh

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan is hauling businesswoman Sacha Singh to court for saying that his daughter and her dog flew into Trinidad on a private aircraft and quaratined at their Valsayn home.

On Monday, following Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley's news conference where he said 10,000 nationals want to return home but exemptions cannot be given on emotion, Singh issued a video knocking the Government and accused it of abandoning nationals while looking after their own.

The Express reached out to Sinanan on Tuesday and he responded via WhatsApp:

"This is an inveterate lie and fake news designed and placed to inflame the emotions of nationals head up abroad in this global pandemic.

My daughter returned on a commercial airline has been with me in Trinidad since January 2020 and has not traveled since.

Unfortunately, Ms. Singh has decided to join the list in politicizing the right choices by the government in the management of COVID and the safety of this nation. I have instructed my attorneys to commence Legal action against Ms. Singh.

I am part of a government that have in every action has been laser beam focused on the interest of the people and, have been making the right choices."

The Express contacted Singh who appeared unfazed by Sinanan's legal threat.

In her video Singh accused Rowley of engaging in "damage control" because "his boy Stuarty under a lil' pressure now, heat is on him".

She further criticised the Government for allowing CPL players to enter Trinidad as she questioned why this cannot be done to return stranded nationals home and utilise the same hotels before the players arrive here.

"Further to that we understand you said this morning that the persons who are making mischief about the private jet and friends and family coming in and whatever whatever. Yes, friends, family and party financiers coming in on those jets, I know, I'm in the industry, I have access to all the manifests and all the jets that are coming into Trinidad," she said.

She said the oil companies are sending aircraft for their employees but there are "your people too".

"For example, your right hand man Minister of Works and Transport his daughter came in a couple weeks ago on a private jet with her dog and did not go to quarantine in a hotel or your State facility but rather in her house, in her parents house in Valsayn," she said.

"So if that is good for one then why can't you let the nationals come in, go to their homes," she said adding that persons can be employed to go monitor these people in home quarantine.

Singh, who is articulate affiliated with a private aircraft business, reiterated her appeal for Government to allow nationals abroad to return home.


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