Movietowne Chaguanas

After a decade in operation the Movietowne Chaguanas branch will be permanently closed.

Business magnate and Movietowne owner Derek Chin issued a statement informing that the decision stems from the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a "difficult landlord".

"I wish to inform you that we will be closing our Movietowne Chaguanas branch for good as the pandemic along with a difficult landlord has made it uneconomical for us to continue," he stated.

Chin cited the uncertainty surrounding Government's Covid-19 measures as also being a factor.

"The extended shut down and the continued uncertainty has made it extremely difficult to continue and in the interest of keeping our overall business in a survival mode we felt this was the best alternative for us," he stated.

Chin stated that Movietowne's other locations in Port of Spain and C3 San Fernando Tobago will remain open when the restrictions are relaxed.

"We wish to thank our many Central and Chaguanas patrons for the support over the last 10 years." he stated.

The deadly Covid-19 virus dealt a financial blow to the cinema world since it hit this country in March forcing all theatres to close.

Cinemas were reopened in June but that was short-lived as they were shut down again a few weeks later in August after the number of cases increased.

Cinemas globally are also closing their doors.

A report in the UK's Sunday Times last week stated that Regal Cinemas owner of Cineworld is closing all of the chain’s locations in the United States as well as its theaters in the United Kingdom.

Cineworld operates 128 venues in the U.K. and Ireland in addition to Regal’s 546 theaters in the U.S. consisting of 7,211 screens.

Regal is the second largest theatrical chain in the US after AMC, while Cineworld is the UK' s biggest cinema operator.

According to the report Cineworld reported a loss of a $1.6 billion (UK currency) in the first half of 2020 in recent days, with “no certainty” as to what impact the pandemic could have in the future.

A BBC report stated that over 5500 jobs are expected to be affected in the UK.


Some communities in Trinidad and Tobago don’t receive water for months and even years.

So noted Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales as he tabled the Report of the Cabinet Sub-Committee Report on the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) in the House of Representatives, at the Red House, Port of Spain, yesterday.

The report has been placed in the hands of a parliamentary Joint Select Committee (JSC) as the Govern­ment grapples with the systemic “dys­function” at the unwieldy and debt-­­ridden, State-owned public utility.

Social Development Minister Donna Cox has suggested that teachers and principals taking up positions in schools in “hotspot” areas be given specialised training to help them better understand the culture of the area and its people.

She pointed out yesterday that there were stereotypes about such areas, some of which were not accurate.

India Prime Minister Naren­dra Modi has hailed the “special friendship” between India and Barbados.

Modi and Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley took to Twitter this week to praise each other.

Mottley profusely thanked Modi, via social media, for the 200,000 vaccines sent from India to Barbados, 100,000 of which were donated.