A MAN who claims his 74-year-old father was beaten with a hose while naked outside a home for the elderly, wants an investigation launched into the facility.

Winston Blair also claimed his father had a knee placed on his abdomen by a caretaker at the home.

His father, Cyprian Blair, suffered from Alzheimer’s and hypertension. Winston Blair said he cared for his dad for four years but when circumstances no longer allowed for this to continue, he decided to place his father at the home for the aged located in Point Fortin. His uncle was also a resident at the home.

Blair said he purchased the medication, clothing and toiletries his father required. He also paid the $3,200 monthly fee and his father was admitted on February 27.

The first month, there were no issues but after two of the caretakers were fired, Blair said he began noticing changes to his father’s body. “Daddy had a bruise to his forehead, his left foot was swollen and the top of his foot was raw. He also had faeces and urine on him.”

He also said while his father was not bedridden, he had sores on his bottom. Blair believes it was as a result of him not being given daily baths.

He also said he saw a video where his father was beaten while naked and outside of the home and was told that he was giving trouble to bathe.

Blair further said that there was footage of caretaker placing a knee to his father’s abdomen. He also believes his father was not being given his medication. “Why are they doing old people this? A home is supposed to care for the elderly, not ill-treat the elderly.”

On May 11, Blair removed his father from the facility. He took him for medical attention at the hospital and also to a private doctor. “Daddy had tears in his eyes and he said he was in pain.” His father passed away after a seizure 16 days later, on May 27.

Blair said days prior to taking his father out of the home, he made a report to the police and has the receipt as proof.

He has also been attempting to make contact with the Division of Ageing and planned to visit the office.

Blair said he decided to speak out to help the other elderly residents at the home. “They are like my friends. I’m trying to see how best I can assist them. I don’t want anybody to go through what my father went through. At the end of the day, you must not treat people like this. We don’t know where we could end up tomorrow.”

Contact was made with the home but a representative opted not to hear the allegations as she said she would not comment.

The Division of Ageing outlined the procedure for reporting allegations of abuse at a home for the aged.

It entails a report being given to an inspector and a determination being made to visit a home against which a claim is directed.