NOMINATED FOR NATIONAL AWARD: Conrad Rodney, who found Gyasi Griffith in 2020. The boy had walked away from his home one night, and was given up for dead until being found in a drain leading to a deep river. The child was taken back to his family, before being taken to hospital.

For a second consecutive year, there will be no National Awards in Trinidad and Tobago on Republic Day.

In response to questions from the Express yesterday, Cheryl Lala, communications adviser to President Paula-Mae Weekes, stated that the Office of the President received no information with respect to the awards.

“To date, the Office of the President has received no list of National Award recipients for either 2020 or 2021.

“If and when we do, the health regu­lations in force at that time will inform what type of ceremony, if any, will be held,” stated Lala via e-mail.

Newspaper advertisements had earlier this year invited the public to nominate citizens for the awards.

The national awards were shifted from Independence Day on August 31 to Republic Day annually under former president Anthony Carmona in 2017.

The change came after Carmona wrote to stakeholders about why he found September 24 to be a more appropriate day for the awards ceremony.

The Express sent questions to Communications Minister Symon De Nobriga yesterday, and he responded: “When the Office of the President took the decision to postpone the awards ceremony indefinitely last year, it was as a result of the impact of Covid-19. I can only assume that the virus continues to impact that decision and the National Awards Committee as the body which oversees the nomination process.”


Pupils in Forms Four, Five and Six, whether vaccinated or not, are expected to report to physical school today for teaching classes, practicals and School-Based Assessments (SBAs).

Last Thursday Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly gave the green light for the resumption of physical classes.

The people of Princes Town have been living in a horror movie for the past two weeks.

The Moruga locusts (Coscineuta virens) have swarmed by the millions, munching through fruit trees and ornamental plants, and threatening to destroy acres of crops in surrounding farmlands.

THE move by the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led Opposition to file a motion in Parliament seeking the removal of President Paula-Mae Weeks continues to be a hot topic, especially given the disorder that reigned in the House caused by the Opposition.

It is no surprise that the youth are in the frontline of the global movement against climate change since they are the ones who will have to live with the errors and omissions of today’s adults and past generations.

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