Onika Williams

Anyone with information that could find 15-year-old Onika Williams, can contact the police.

Williams of Upper Quarry Road, San Juan was last seen on January 25.

The San Juan police station can be contacted at 638-3416 or 999, 555, 911 or 800-TIPS can be called. Any other police station can be reached or the TTPS App can be used.


Swabs of human sperm taken from the body of buggered 11-year-old Akiel Chambers were never tested and matched against anyone’s deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). There­fore, the identities of those responsible for his death were never known.

In fact, the samples were destroyed after two years, in keeping with protocol.

By the time he was 14, the court had consigned him to the St Michael’s School for Boys in Diego Martin to be disciplined and edu­ca­ted. He was instead sentenced to years of sexual abuse, humiliation and emotional scarring while there.

“This is no make-up story; this is what I was living and I have all of them to blame: the home (St Michael’s) is the worst. I can’t forget the court and I won’t forgive mummy and she wicked husband.... I real happy to read that (Prime Minister Dr Keith) Rowley say he care ’bout chirren, but he need to investigate, investigate to make that place better,” Peter (not his real name) said in an interview with the Sunday Express last week.

Retired university historian and prolific author Prof Brinsley Sama­roo has advised young people in Trinidad and Tobago to get involved in the political process.

“You can do nothing by just staying away and pelting stones,” he said as he wrapped up his own remarks during the launch of his latest project, a biography of Adrian Cola Rienzi, titled Adrian Cola Ri­enzi­—The Life and Times of a Caribbe­an Progressive.

Pupils will begin writing this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exami­nation (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certifi­cate (CSEC) examinations tomorrow.

The Caribbean Examina­tions Council (CXC) had pushed back the exams by three weeks. Examinations will end on Friday, July 1.

Former children’s homes task force member Diana Mahabir-Wyatt says she remains shocked by Robert Sabga’s allegations of a paedophile ring involving some children’s homes and the link of high officials to the Akiel Chamber case.

In an interview with the Sunday Express last week Tuesday, Mahabir-Wyatt said Sabga, who served as the task force’s chairman, did not bring a lot of what he is now saying to the attention of other committee members.

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