Motorists line up at the pumps yesterday at the Unipet Service Station

A Unipet Service Station on the Eastern Main Road, St Augustine. 

Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) has taken a decision to stop providing UNIPET with fuel effective today.

In a statement, the company assured the public that the decision would not affect the fuel available to motorists and that the country will continue to have a steady secure supply of fuel.

“Paria will make available to the National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) the difference in the quantity of fuel required to meet the country’s full needs. NP will distribute the full supply so that the motoring public should see no disruption”.

Paria said its decision to cut UNIPET’s fuel supply is a consequence of the parties failing to renegotiate a Supply Agreement since April 2019 and UNIPET defaulting on payments owed for September and October 2019 deliveries.

Paria said it has had challenges receiving payment from UNIPET in accordance with the agreed payment schedule and this failure to pay monies when due has the potential to affect Paria’s ability to procure fuel from its suppliers.

Paria said it is willing to continue discussions with UNIPET to achieve a solution that is both safe and in the best interest of both companies and which minimizes any disruption of supply to the local market.


POLICE are seeking to question one of their own after a policewoman violently prevented her colleagues from arresting her brother near their Maloney apartment and one of the arresting officers was shot and the suspect escaped.

Calypso veteran Trinidad Rio (Daniel Brown) says he has collected his Carifesta payment.

“Yes I got paid,” an abrupt Rio told the Express yesterday via phone.

Rio caused a stir last Friday night when he put Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly on the spot about the payment at the opening of the Back 2 Basics calypso tent, at Roslyn Hall, Auzonville Road, Tunapuna.

CLARISSA Jones has made it her life’s mission to find her missing daughter. Mere months before her 65th birthday, Jones has resigned from her job to make time for the daily search for her daughter, Susan Maynard.

FORMER Speaker of the House of Representatives Nizam Mohammed said Friday he was delighted that the Red House had been restored.

THE family of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi takes in $20,280,000 a year in rent money from the State for four properties.