The bad weather over south Trinidad on Tuesday morning

Parts of south Trinidad are being battered at this time by flooding rainfall accompanied by damaging winds.

On Monday afternoon, the meteorological office at Piarco had forecast fair to partly cloudy with the isolated showers nearing dawn.

Today, the forecast was for initially fair with cloudiness increasing by mid-morning and accompanied by light to moderate showers in varying localities.

There was a high chance of the heavier shower and thunderstorm in Southern and Western areas of Trinidad.

Gusty winds and street flooding likely in the vicinity of heavier showers and thunderstorms.


A NUMBER of Unipet gas stations ran out of fuel yesterday after State company Paria Fuel Trading cut its supply on Tuesday for an outstanding $100 million bill.

THE GOVERNMENT is moving to crush the cash empires of criminals by removing the current Trinidad and Tobago $100 note and replacing it with a new polymer bill which has added security features.

THERE were different opinions from two former Central Bank governors on the Government’s announcement yesterday to replace the $100 note as part of the fight against the criminal underworld.

A great idea but more time needed. This is the general consensus among business groups about Government’s plan to replace the current $100 bill with a new polymer note.