FOR calling the police “fully dunce” a man has been placed on bond for three years.

Should Peter Wellington breach the $5,000 bond to keep the peace, he will be taken back before the court to be sentenced.

Wellington, 23 of Chagauans yesterday appeared before magistrate Nikolas Ali at the Chaguanas Court.

He pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and using insulting language.

It was last week Friday, around 5 p.m. that constable Ramkissoon and other officers were on foot patrol at Busy Corner Chaguanas when they saw Wellington seated in a car. The seatbelt was over his shoulder but not across his waist. He told about this and asked for his driver’s permit and insurance. He handed over the documents.

Wellington however began behaving disorderly and also shouted “All yuh police fully dunce.”

Constable Villafana and other offices arrested and took him to the Chaguanas police station where he was charged by constables Humphrey and Ramdeen.

At his appearance before Ali, Wellington was placed on a $5,000 bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for three years.


When news reached back to the Cedeno family that Raimaris had been arrested and jailed for illegal entry into Trinidad, they were beside themselves with worry.

When the sun dipped behind the horizon last Thursday, Raimaris Cedeno had not yet adjusted to sunlight, sounds or movement.

IT is time to behave as though everyone you meet has COVID-19.

It’s for your own protection.

That is what the country’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram is advising people to do in public spaces in the coming weeks.

But there’s a problem with Trini­dadians. Dr Parasram feels the social distancing message is not resonating with citizens.

IN spite of repeated calls to not rush to supermarkets to panic-buy goods and items, people continued to flood groceries yesterday amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a looming shutdown of non-essential services from midnight tonight.

A 29-year-old bar owner was arrested and charged after he was caught operating his business on the Southern Main Road, California, on Friday night.

Acting on information received at the Police Operations Command Centre, a party of police officers proceeded to the location and found the bar open and sales being conducted.