Phagwa celebrations

As Trinidad and Tobago confirmed its first case of the COVID-19 coronavirus, live events across the country are being cancelled or postponed.

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) issued a notice on Thursday that Phagwa celebrations have been cancelled.

SDMS schools were expected to celebrate the Hindu festival of colour on Friday.

Phagwa celebrations carded for recreations grounds on Sunday were also cancelled.

The National Phagwa Council announced the cancellation of its grand Phagwa celebrations at Aranguez Savannah.

The large gatherings involved spraying abeer (a colourful liquid) and smearing people with powder.

The promoter of Everybody Loves Raymond – the concert – announced on Thursday night that the event was postponed.

Rafi Mohammed stated, “After careful consideration we have decided to postpone the concert to a later date....Please hang on to your tickets as we work on a new date with the Centre of Excellence.”

Headliner Raymond Ramnarine said he was not prepared to risk the health and safety of his fans.

In a video post, Ramnarine said, “This Saturday was the day carded for everybody’s favourite concert, ELR. It is very unfortunate, but necessary that we have taken a decision to postpone the concert until further notice. We had discussion with the promoter of the event and we decided to postpone the event. My fans, you all come first and your health is important. As we all know the dreaded coronavirus is present in our region and there is a case in Trinidad and Tobago. It is becoming a global issue and it is very serious. We all know the concert attracts thousands and in closed venues like the Centre of Excellence we cannot risk the safety of our people and I made a decision and contacted the promoter and said safety of people comes first.”


The total cost of Caribbean Airlines’ (CAL) severance payment is estimated to be “in the vicinity of $110 million”, Finance Minister Colm Imbert revealed yesterday.

Imbert said CAL did not have the required finances for the severance payment and therefore the payments would be financed by the Ministry of Finance.

Construction workers who have gone without an income due to public health regulations can now receive government assistance.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has said all affected workers can apply for an Income Support Grant (ISG) via the ministry.

Three weeks after losing her son to the Covid-19 virus, 70-year-old Lilawatee Lilly Singh has died.

Singh passed away last week Thursday, after spending 34 days in hospital.

Her husband, Kenneth, and younger son, Marcus, who also tested positive, are now recovering. The elderly woman was heartbroken by the death of her son Damian but she still struggled to beat the deadly virus, relatives said.

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