PC Nicholson

PC Anthony Nicholson

THE Police Service is mourning the loss of one of its members who has died from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

PC Anthony Nicholson was attached to the TTPS administration building Guard Unit.

During the Beyond the Tape episode on TV6 on Friday, Head of the Special Operations Response Unit (SORT) Supt Roger Alexander extended condolences to his family and colleagues.

In a telephone interview on air, Alexander spoke with Nicholson’s father, a retired police officer with 32 years’ service.

The father said that Nicholson showed symptoms last week, and upon the advice of his brother, also a police officer, who is attached to the Guard and Emergency Branch, he sought medical attention.

“He drove himself to the health centre. They took the test at Arima and sent him to Mount Hope (hospital). He sat down on a chair from Friday until Saturday night. His sister and his mother started to complain. He could not breathe. My daughter and her mother slept in the car park of the Mount Hope hospital from Friday until to the night when they carried him Couva (hospital).

Even when they carried him to Couva they didn’t tell us anything. They carried clothes for him but they didn’t accept it. When they asked how he was going, they said he was all right, breathing and everything. But this time he was already in Couva (hospital).

Apparently when he had reached there at the Couva hospital, they couldn’t do anything for him. They tried to put the oxygen down his throat, but the oxygen was already not flowing in the blood.

His brain got damaged. His lungs collapsed and his kidneys also damaged. The doctor at the Couva hospital was liaising with us and telling us about his situation. They let us know that they couldn’t do anything for him, they tried their utmost best and we had to prepare ourselves”, said the father.

Alexander extended condolences on behalf of TTPS to the family.

Asked by Alexander what advice he would give the population, the father said his message to the population was that lawlessness doesn’t pay.

“We as a nation have to get our act together and follow the rules and regulations of the Covid-19 measures because it’s very serious. I know there are plenty of families that are hurting. If we as a nation do not get our act together, there will be plenty more hurt. I am appealing to the country to do the right thing. Do what you are supposed to do. Stay at home”, said the father.


National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds says there’s no secrecy surrounding a small gift of Pfizer vaccines given to the National Security Ministry by the United States government.

In a telephone interview with the Express yesterday, the minister said the small vaccine gift of 80 vials of Pfizer amounted to about 400 doses of the vaccine.

However, the arrival of these vaccines generated curiosity in the country as to exactly how the batch came to Trinidad and the handover process as well as who exactly will benefit from the shots.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar stands accused by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the People’s National Movement (PNM) of appealing for civil unrest like the 1990 attempted coup.

A thick layer of slush coats the roadways of Poui Trace in St Mary’s Village, Moruga, where quarrying activity has trapped some residents inside their homes.

At least five households are stuck behind near crumbling slopes and a muddy path used as an access route to and from the village.

As trucks filled with material leave and enter the area, clumps of mud are left behind, sometimes blocking the road.

A&V Oil and Gas Ltd stands to receive an estimated $84 million in cash being held in escrow, at the close of an arbitration ruling involving the now-defunct State-owned energy company Petrotrin.