Mourners at the funeral for slain gang leader, Anthon “Boombay” Boney

POLICE deployed to Monday’s funeral for slain gang leader, Anthon “Boombay” Boney exercised their discretion that day and did not prosecute anyone for gathering for the half hour service.

Questions arose on social media following the funeral which took place at the John John basketball court in East Port of Spain where a large amount of mourners were seen attending the service while standing in close proximity to one another.

The service began at 3 p.m. and when the Express arrived there were people gathered in the bleachers adjacent to the court while others stood on the playing area to look on at the proceedings.

In response to what was seen the Express contacted Acting Police Commissioner, Mc Donald Jacob who explained that senior officers assigned to the funeral used their discretion that day and decided not to aggravate the mourners already upset over the death of Boney.

“They use discretion depending on the situation they are faced with,” said Jacob who explained that the officers were making all efforts to maintain what was required of the current public health ordinance.

He admitted that there was video footage of the funeral which showed people gathering en masse but explained that while they kept a close eye on what was going on, “they exercise their powers in a way that people would not expect and used it to keep a tense situation from escalating.”

Current protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19 dictates that all places of worship can only accommodate up to 25 per cent of their capacity while other public spaces carry a similar rule.

On September 6 when all places of worship were allowed to re-open after they were ordered shut on April 29 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Boney, 38, who was described by police as one of the country’s main gang leaders, was shot dead last Wednesday on the north-bound lane of Uriah Butler Highway, in Caroni.

Police said around 11.10 a.m., while he was driving his grey Kia Cerato accompanied by his aunt, a dark-coloured SUV drew alongside his car and a masked man told him to pull to the side as he did not have on his mask.

Boney, thinking that it was the police, complied with their order.

Two masked men got out the SUV, approached Boney and one asked him if he owned the car.

The other man drew a gun and shot Boney in his head and chest.

Boney attempted to drive off but crashed into a ditch as the killers sped off.


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