The real price of our cooking gas is....


IF you get cooking gas cylinders from trucks servicing your area, be prepared to pay at least $28 for your tank of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). That’s because delivery men have started charging customers an extra three dollars.

The cost of LPG has not increased. It’s still $21 if you get it yourself.

However, the cost of transportation has increased.

An official at Ramco Industries Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of LPG in the country, confirmed the transportation cost increase yesterday.

The reason behind the decision was not disclosed.

Delivery drivers say the cost had been absorbed for several years but the diesel fuel price increase in 2018 made it impossible to sustain a reasonable profit margin.

The transport price increase will impact mostly those living in rural areas, far from cooking gas depots and service stations which stock the cylinders and sell them at a cost of $21.

Ramco stated: “Unfortunately, costs of materials and transportation have created the need to increase our price which has been unchanged for some years.”


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