Police Commissioner Gary Griffith addresses guests at an End of Year Cocktail Reception hosted by him and his wife Nicole Dyer-Griffith at the Commissioner’s official residence in St James in December.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has promised this year’s Carnival celebrations will be the safest.

Griffith was speaking at the Police Training Academy, Samaan Drive, St James, yesterday morning.

“Let me be clear. What you are seeing so far for Carnival, it has been incident-free. There is a lot of work that is being done.

“Last year was arguably the safest Carnival in our country’s history. We intend to do the same this year, if not better,” said Griffith.

“I do not want the public to be, in any way, fearful of attending events. At every single event, through the Ministry of National Security, we have a coordinated effort and there is an operational plan to ensure safety.

“So the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, we are out in full force, so probably the safest place to be in Trinidad and Tobago is to be attending Carnival events,” he added.

He said the TTPS would be calling out officers for Carnival Monday and Tuesday, even those who would typically be on administrative duties.

“Every one will be out in uniform. What you will be seeing this year for Carnival will be similar or better than anything worldwide.

“Every single street corner, you will be seeing two police officers. Every where you turn, the police officers will be there,” said the commissioner.

He said the Defence Force will be aiding the TTPS with its security initiatives.


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