A voter after casting her ballot. Photo: Robert Taylor

Heavy rainfall in Sangre Grande and environs is being blamed for the low voter turnout so far this morning.

"All we want is for the rain to stop," said UNC street captain Errol Lall, at the UNC's mock station at the corner of Oropouche Road, a short distance away from the official polling station at the Sangre Grande Government Primary School.

"It's a low turnout due to the rain. Once the rain stops, people will start to come out," he said.

At the Manzanilla Secondary School, voters trickled in to cast their ballots.

At the UNC mock station closeby, there were complaints of some voters being unable to find their names on the voting list.

"Two people living in the same house were told they had to vote in different polling stations, although they both voted here the last time," one man said.

There were similar complaints by the UNC's candidate for Sangre Grande North East, Katherina Charles.

She said voters who showed up at the polling station at the Sangre Grande Seventh Day Adventist School on Ojoe Road were turned away because their names were not on the list, although they previously voted there.

"Their names would have also been on the EBC list at the various mini marts, which said that is where they have to vote. So people are like fish out of water this morning. They don't know where to go. They are also becoming despondent. I was told that the EBC is trying to sort out the problem," Charles said.

At 9.50 a.m, heavy rainfall persisted in Sangre Grande.

"Thus far, rain has kept us back but I hope it stops and people come out to vote," Charles said.

The Meteorological Office of Trinidad and Tobago yesterday forecast a "medium to high" chance of heavy showers in some areas today.

"The sunshine will be interrupted at times by partly cloudy conditions producing light or moderate showers in varying areas," the Met Office stated yestersay.

"There is a medium to high chance of a heavy shower or an isolated thunderstorm in a few localities. In the eventh of a heavy shower or thunderstorm winds can become gusty and street and or flash flooding is likely," it stated.