Charan SIngh

Killed: Charan Singh

THE son of a retired superintendent of police was shot and killed during a robbery in Chickland, Freeport on Wednesday.

Charan Singh, 24, the son of retired police superintendent Matura Singh, died while undergoing emergency treatment at hospital.

A neighbour commenting on social media said that Charan Singh and his father were assisting in the installation of a security camera at their neighbour’s home when two thieves ran into the premises around 8.50 p.m.

“That boy was my neighbour and they never took his car. He was across the road from his home checking the lady’s camera with his dad because earlier a naked man jumped her fence. And after looking they were in her yard, and the lady’ brother opened the gate (to) drive in. Same time (the) bandits ran in and tried taking his keys. And like he was refusing to give them. And they fired around five wild shots, and start running down the road. Three out of it hit the boy and he was rushed to the hospital”, the post read.

Police said Charan Singh’s father also drew his personal licenced firearm and shot at the thieves.

Charan Singh was taken to the Couva District Health Centre where he succumbed to the gunshot injuries.

ASP Kissoonlal, Insp Rajkumar and other officers of the Central Police Division, and Sgt Elvin and other officers of Homicide Region III responded.

“I knew this boy (Charan Singh) around 13 years and never once was he involved in any wrong activities. It so sad that he died so young and also the manner he died in. God keep him under your wings an bless his family with the strength to continue life”, the neighbour wrote.


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