Marva Peschier

Marva Peschier

THE relevant health officials have been “instructed” to meet with Pastor Marva Peschier, who at the weekend claimed her young son had a fatal reaction to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said yesterday he had asked the relevant regional health authority (RHA) to meet with the late young man’s family and disclose the findings of a preliminary report.

Parasram was responding to a media question on the matter during the Ministry of Health’s virtual Covid-19 news conference.

On Saturday, a crying Peschier took to social media to state that her son had received his Covid-19 shot on Friday and that night “he fell off his bed with a massive stroke with bleeding in his head. He was bleeding in his brain. This afternoon (Saturday) I went down to the hospital and they pronounced him dead”.

“I am sending a message to Prime Minister Rowley and I am telling you to stop this nonsense because it’s killing son is dead because he took the vaccine,” she added, as someone wailed in the background.

In 2017, Peschier lost another son, gospel music singer Denton “Gitta Dan” Peschier, to an unknown illness.

The CMO also disclosed that another, similar incident had taken place within the jurisdiction of another RHA and he had asked the authorities to meet with the families.

Parasram did not identify the area that the second incident occurred but said in the Peschier matter, the clinicians concerned had forwarded a “preliminary” investigative report. They have been instructed to meet with the family and disclose their findings, he said, with a final report to be sent to himself and the minister.

Peschier later deleted the Facebook post but claimed that her son was hospitalised last Friday and was diagnosed with a brain bleed, and later died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) at Mt Hope. Parasram said he would be able to say more on the issue following the final report.

The CMO said in instances of adverse effects, the ministry would usually report incidents to the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and “sometimes” the company that manufactured the vaccine.

Delta concerns

The CMO also said the three new Delta cases detected on Sunday, would currently be in quarantine and all contact tracing exercises are under way.

Noting that two cases stemmed from persons who appeared not to have travelled, the exercises include investigations into possible travel links. Parasram said the positive Venezuelan national was being treated as an imported case.

He said one case was based in the St George East district and the other in St George West. This meant the variant would have been “established in the community for a few weeks well, he said.

Parasram said the Trinidad Public Health laboratory has increased its testing capacity and is submitting increased samples for gene sequencing to determine the presence of variants.

The CMO said the decision to expand testing was based on Delta’s rapid global spread.

Also speaking yesterday was head epidemiologist at the ministry, Dr Avery Hinds, who addressed the continuation of large gatherings.

He was asked to comment on large crowds seen at the weekend for the Hindu festival of “Ganesh Ustav” and the funeral of murdered community leader, Anthon “Boombay” Boney.

Hinds reminded that public health restrictions are still in place banning gatherings over 10 and he called on the population to observe the guidelines and prevent spread of the virus.


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